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Brujeria - Raza Odiada (1995)

Reportando desde la frontera Ep.1

[Pito Wilson:] They keep coming, savage brown skin poors, across the custom checkpoints in San Diego Between Rack of cars on our freeways, they hang their laundry out the window, they do jobs white people are too cool to do themselves. I don't care if it starts a race war, I don't care if it brings every biggot out of the class and gets every brown skin savage beaten out on the street...

[Brujo:] ¿Qué dice?
[Mexicano:] Shh! Shh! Todavía no
[PW:] Who cares as long as I, Pete Wilson, am governor and president?
[B:] Ese pinche güero que dice?
[M:] Quiere chingar la raza
[B:] ándale
[M:] no, no, no ¡quiere matar la raza!
[B:] Pásame ese cuerno de chivo
[M:] Allá va jefe
[M:] Chíngatelo eh
[PW:] I Pete Wilson gave you proposition 187
[B:] Cabrón, ahorita lo chingo
[PW:] In this country you speak english or you get out
[M:] ¿Qué? Inglés a güevo
[PW:] I, Pete Wilson, will be president
[B:] Muévete maricón

[sonido de balas]

[M:] ándale, baila, baila Güero, baila mátalo jefe, échale cabrón
[PW:] No, no please...
[B:] cabrón ahorita lo chingo, cabrón, ya estuvo Güey
[PW:] No,.. aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh..

*Nota: ésta no es la mejor forma de cruzar.

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